The Perl release 5.25.10

My checklist for the developer release 5.25.10 of the programming language Perl.

Current TODOs


You can test the release!! update access

Make sure you have permission to close tickets on so you can respond to bug report as necessary during your stint. If you don't, make an account (if you don't have one) and contact the pumpking with your username to get ticket-closing permission.

Quotation for release announcement epigraph

You will need a quotation to use as an epigraph to your release announcement.

blog about your epigraph

If you have a blog, please consider writing an entry in your blog explaining why you chose that particular quote for your epigraph.

make the maint branch available in the APC

Clone the new branch into /srv/gitcommon/branches on camel so the APC will receive its changes.

    $ git clone --branch maint-5.14 /gitroot/perl.git \
    ?  /srv/gitcommon/branches/perl-5.14.x
    $ chmod -R g=u /srv/gitcommon/branches/perl-5.14.x

And nag the sysadmins to make this directory available via rsync.

XXX Who are the sysadmins? Contact info?


You MUST RETIRE to your preferred PUB, CAFE or SEASIDE VILLA for some much-needed rest and relaxation.

Thanks for releasing perl!


You MUST SKIP this step for a RC release

In your perlweb repository, link to the new release. For a new latest-maint release, edit docs/shared/tpl/stats.html. Otherwise, edit docs/dev/perl5/index.html.

Then make a pull request to Leo Lapworth. If this fails for some reason and you cannot cajole anybody else into submitting that change, you can mail Leo as last resort.

This repository can be found on github.