The Perl release 5.25.10

My checklist for the developer release 5.25.10 of the programming language Perl.

Building a release - the day after

update Module::CoreList

After a BLEAD-POINT release only

After Module::CoreList has shipped to CPAN by the maintainer, update Module::CoreList in the source so that it reflects the new blead version number:

  • Update Porting/ to list the new DISTRIBUTION on CPAN, which should be identical to what is currently in blead.
  • Bump the $VERSION in dist/Module-CoreList/lib/Module/, dist/Module-CoreList/lib/Module/CoreList/ and dist/Module-CoreList/lib/Module/CoreList/
  • If you have a local CPAN mirror, run:
        $ ./perl -Ilib Porting/ ~/my-cpan-mirror

    Otherwise, run:

        $ ./perl -Ilib Porting/ cpan

    This will update dist/Module-CoreList/lib/Module/ and dist/Module-CoreList/lib/Module/CoreList/ as it did before, but this time adding new sections for the next BLEAD-POINT release.

  • Add the new $Module::CoreList::VERSION to dist/Module-CoreList/Changes.
  • Update pod/perldelta.pod to mention the upgrade to Module::CoreList.
  • Remake perl to get your changed .pm files propagated into lib/ and then run at least the dist/Module-CoreList/t/*.t tests and the test_porting makefile target to check that they're ok.
  • Run
     $ ./perl -Ilib -MModule::CoreList \
        -le 'print Module::CoreList->find_version($]) ? "ok" : "not ok"'

    and check that it outputs "ok" to prove that Module::CoreList now knows about blead's current version.

  • Commit and push your changes.
check tarball availability

Check various website entries to make sure the that tarball has appeared and is properly indexed:

  • Check your author directory under to ensure that the tarballs are available on the website.
  • Check /src on CPAN (on a fast mirror) to ensure that links to the new tarballs have appeared: There should be links in /src/5.0 (which is accumulating all new versions), and (for BLEAD-FINAL and MAINT only) an appropriate mention in /src/README.html (which describes the latest versions in each stable branch, with links).

    The /src/5.0 links should appear automatically, some hours after upload. If they don't, or the /src description is inadequate, ask Ask <>.

  • Check to ensure that the /src updates have been correctly mirrored to the website. If they haven't, ask Ask <>.
  • Check to see if it has indexed the distribution. It should be visible at a URL like

You MUST SKIP this step for a RC release

In your perlweb repository, link to the new release. For a new latest-maint release, edit docs/shared/tpl/stats.html. Otherwise, edit docs/dev/perl5/index.html.

Then make a pull request to Leo Lapworth. If this fails for some reason and you cannot cajole anybody else into submitting that change, you can mail Leo as last resort.

This repository can be found on github.

update release manager's guide

Go over your notes from the release (you did take some, right?) and update Porting/release_managers_guide.pod with any fixes or information that will make life easier for the next release manager.

  • mention grindperl
Bump version number
Create perldelta